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People surf the internet to read something useful, insightful, or get rid of their problems.

If you think that you can help people to get rid of “some problem” through your writing abilities then you are most welcome at “The KickStarter”.

The web is filled with too many self-proclaimed “gurus” who act as if they have a helping hand for the people in need.

They are cute, sound fantastic BUT are also far from actionable.

People don’t want to read just fluffs.


Finally, it’s here and live!

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Yesterday I launched my first ever SaaS product WidPilot on ProductHunt.!

I am very happy and excited to share this news with you.

I had been very inactive for the last couple of months at Medium because I was working on this product.

I come from a software development background and creating digital products always fascinates me.

That helped me understand the technical aspects of this product creation.

There is no doubt that Youtube is one of the best opportunity to launch a successful online business, and the best part is anyone can do it.

Pro Tip: Optimize your site for Page Speed, Mobile Devices, and Voice Search

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Gaining more organic traffic is the most important thing in the SEO world.

Most SEO agencies you find tell you they have the ability to drive in more traffic to your site.

Every SEO expert sees organic traffic as the main goal.

Now that you have your personal website, you must have seen some terms that you don’t understand; it is vital to check them out and find out why they’re important.

The aim of this tutorial is to help you understand the following:

What does organic traffic mean?

Why is organic traffic the main goal?

How can I enhance…

These include keyword research, content creation, marketing, and much more.

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Chrome and its extensions have become relevant tools to professional marketers.

They make browsing the internet fun and highly productive and have become a go-to tool for beginners and also for high tech professionals.

The extensions are well suited for different forms of activities.

For marketers with a busy schedule, you have to keep track of metrics on various projects.

With Chrome extensions, you can create an organized work environment with options available to help you get updated with different levels of your project.

They have become a watchdog over…

Yes, it’s a daunting task to perform along with the 9–5 regular job

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Are you still in full-time employment under an employer earning a monthly salary?

Maybe you’re planning to quit the writing business for your offline white-collar job, right?

How much salary do you earn monthly that would warrant quitting your writing journey right now?

Aren’t you taking the wrong action by deciding to call it a quit?

Aren’t you giving up on the sure way to financial freedom?

I’m so curious about your intended action to quit right now which is nothing but the wrong and most costly…

Websites are virtual estates, and buying and selling them is also a profitable business.

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The business of trading websites is like engaging in a real estate business — the same way you may choose to invest in buying and selling houses.

Just like with every other type of business, you should have learned a lot about it before engaging in it and should be ready to take the risks associated with it.

A good website flipper knows an undervalued website when he sees one and knows that by dedicating some time and resources to it, he will turn things around…

A million-plus visitors a month sounds crazy, right? But yes it’s possible and many bloggers have achieved it.

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Let’s start with doing a little math.

If you are writing 3 posts a week, a total of 12 per month minimum, you can have 144 posts or more each year.

At just 50 visitors a month per post average you could see 86,400 visitors in a year from your efforts.

Want more traffic do more posts, some do 5 a week for example, and are making $10,000 a month or more off their own efforts but content takes time and imagination.

The first step is to detect if the pages of your site are actually loading slow.

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As we progress into the new age of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we are seeing some rankings factors that are becoming much more critical than ever.

As Google gets more content, they need new ways to distinguish the quality of a website, in particular when the content is in parity.

One of the things that are starting to act as a “difference maker” when it comes to rankings, believe it or not, is your theme choice.

But how so?

There are many aspects of…

7 proven steps to achieve your goal

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Blogging can certainly drive tons of traffic to your business website, increase visibility for your business, and assign authority to your brand.

According to research by WordPress, roughly 410 million people visit and read blog posts monthly.

If you don’t set up a blog for your business, you won’t be able to imagine how much you’re missing out on opportunities to reach a large audience of people and turn visitors into customers.

Optimize your blog to ensure that people visit your blog and read your content.

Before you get started, first learn how building out highly-engaging content can help you…

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As you start making progress with your blog, you will feel like you’re getting short of content ideas.

What’s the hardest part when it comes to running a successful blog?

Coming up with ideas.

Once you’ve established yourself as a professional blogger, it’s starts becoming difficult to come with new ideas to write new blog posts.

You feel like other successful writers never run out of ideas, how do they manage to come up with so many posts?

Probably they plan everything well in advance, use some sort of system or tools.

It’s not possible to rely on the brain…

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